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Our Milling

Engineered Flooring

Our engineered flooring is the perfect solution for unstable environments, basements, radiant heat systems,
commercial applications, etc. It can be directly glued to concrete. Using the same lumber and production
equipment as our custom flooring, we produce the highest quality engineered flooring available. Providing
the same specifications as solid hardwood, it is an exact interchange. Truth be told engineered is
environmentally friendly using 1 tree compared to 3 with solid hardwood flooring, it will most likely
surpass solid flooring in the future.

We simply saw our 4/4 lumber into three 7mm layers and apply it to plywood using linear roll press
laminating system and then mill it into flooring as if solid hardwood. WE use 11 ply 15mm Baltic birch
Russian plywood rated the best in the world. It is exterior grade CARB 2 certified (California Air Resource
Board). We use the best solid PUR glue method, solid meaning no water added and PUR meaning polyurethane Based. The 7mm wear layer is laminated to the 15mm plywood core and then milled to a 21mm or
13/16″ floor plank with 6mm wear layer. We call this our 3/4.

After extensive research and trial & error throughout the industry, we have found this 70% core to 30%
wear layer to be the perfect ratio for the flooring to perform with outstanding stability or no movement.
70/30 is the threshold and anything less will not perform as engineered flooring.

Some competitors are using a thicker wear layer of 7 or even 8mm as sales tool of being thicker or the
thickest wear plate. Doing this reduces the thickness of the core to approximately 11mm which allows the
hardwood wear layer to over power the core and act as solid hardwood. We have seen boards checking at
the ends and even cupping. Any ratio less than 70/30 will not perform. Industry standard of a solid
hardwood floor plate is 19/64 or 7.3mm from the top of the tongue and groove. Our engineered 6mm
wear plate acts as an exact substitute for solid hardwood allowing the same amount of sanding due to the
fact that the tongue on solid hardwood will break through the wear plate after 6mm of sanding anyway.

Solid Flooring

Custom long Length

Our standard product is 3/4″ thick in widths from 3/4″ wide feature strip to 11″ wide plank flooring in lengths
from 6 to 14 feet long. We can make custom thickness upon request. We do not defect and upgrade
substandard grades as most flooring manufacturures do. All lumber comes from the rough mill between 8 and
16′ lengths. We take the checks (splits) off the ends from kiln drying and remove adequate amounts of knots
here and there. We use FAS the highest grade available for our select or premium grade flooring which allows 17%
defect by NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) standards leaving just under 7′ boards. We
Play it safe and call our minimum 6′. In a nut shell, we buy what you ask for and mill it into flooring.

Nested Bundles

Flooring less than 5′ long and narrower than 5″ wide is called strip flooring and is graded from select
being the clearest, to #1 being inconsistent in color and having small amounts of defects, to #2 being
inconsistent in color and having many defects. To #3 with high color variation, open holes and cracks, also known
as pallet grade. Strip flooring only requires 1′ minimum lengths allowing the manufacturer to produce
all 3 grades by starting with the lowest grade available and removingdefects until these small substandard
pieces qualify as higher grades. These pieces are then nested and strapped together in bundles with
approxamately 20 square feet of 1′ through 7′ boards but primarily 1, 2 and 3 feet pieces.

We do offer cost effective premium bundles to our customers starting with #1’s & #2’s yielding higher
quality longer length flooring.

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