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The Product


We acquire our rough lumber from only the best FSC certified Kiln dried lumber manufacturers throughout the Northern United States – Primarily New York & Pennsylvania, our back yard. We do not use cheap southern lumber We use Northern Hardwoods that are renowned and prized for their tight growth rings, rich texture, and consistent uniform color.  


Through our network of direct importers, we have established the ability to purchase any and all foreign species direct from the piers enabling us to provide the same quality, consistency, and price points as we do in our domestic lines. Material is pulled directly from shipping containers, loaded to our trucks, and brought to our mill.




Gabon Ebony




Blood Wood




Black Limba

Purple Heart




Can Appalachian get me other exotic species of wood?

Absolutely, our foreign and domestic lumber lines are not limited to the above list, through out lumber provider, Gutchess Lumber, we can get our hands on all sorts of wood for our customers. You name it, we got it

What is the difference between Engineered and Solid flooring?

Take a look at our Milling page where we go in-depth on the different Grades, Sawn methods, and processing of our lumber.

What if i want custom width?

WE can customize your wood just as you like it, we treat you like our friends here at Appalachian. We would go out of the way for you to satisfy your needs.

Why Appalachian?

With a combined 4o + years of experience, Appalachian is best solution for hardwood flooring for all settings, everything from homes and office buildings, we provide the BEST wood at the BEST price. Period.

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